LuxBite - Australia Day Edition @ Friday, February 01, 2013

On Australia Day we went to LuxBite for Brunch. I've never actually ever been to brunch before, though there's a higher chance of going out for that rather than breakfast. Not a morning person. I remember the first time I saw that word, brunch. It was in the intro message from the src prefect, I remember he was very nice, and he was popular. It was also my first year in Australia. 

Lamington - LuxBite's Way
Yuzu (Jap Lemon) or Kaya (Caramelized Coconut Jam
5.00 each or 2 for 9.00

Pavlova 9.00
Yuzu, blueberry, mango, strawberries, popping pearls

Australia 9.00
Toasted coconut mousse, pineapple, mango cream,
coconut sponge, green & yellow macarons

Iced Coffee & Macaron of the Day 6.50

Emily says I'm a sugar addict have a sweet tooth, and she doesn't, proven by the fact that she pretty much only orders stuff here because she feels awks of she doesn't while I take forever to order as I like everything. :P She says the coffee was average, and that she isn't a macarons person. Didn't mention what flavour the macaron was but I'm guessing blueberry. It turned her tongue blue too. We're going with jas next time, as I'm certain he'll get something we'll have more pictures. :P

60/60 egg, avocado, feta, lamb sausage, harissa, toast 15.00   

We started off with a savory dish, I did consider the cheese fondue, but after analysis it was considered a bit heavy for brunch. And so I went with the Australia Day savory special, which days later on I would find on their regular menu and be disappointed that it was a limited edition dish.

The dish itself I liked. I've never actually had poached eggs before, or attempted to make it. When I first saw the white sprinklings I thought it was coconut, but it's actually feta, just not in a form I've seen before. My favourites parts were the sausage, which Emily loved too, saying it's the best sausage she's ever had, and the avocado. I normally have an allergic reaction, but fortunately I didn't this time, not even slightly, which was amazing. I found that the avocado and feta went very well with the eggs.

Would I order it again? No, but I think Emily might. For me there's too much food to try and so little time to try them all. I would recommend the dish though. :) Even though personally for $15 it's a bit small.

Pavlova 9.00

This was the reason we went to LuxBite, and I was not disappointed. It was amazing! The cream was mousse like with a hint of Yuzu (asian citrus fruit), the fruit was fresh (with the exception of the mango, canned. I have yet to go to a place that serves fresh mango), and the popping pearls was the frosting on the cake. Little beads that burst full of mango flavour. It was amazing! Highly recommended you try this if they have it next year. 

In an attempt to not get psychological diabetes, I'll have another post next week purely with pictures of food porn from LuxBite. Yes I took a billion pictures last time, but I couldn't resist. :P 

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